Starting The Year Off…talking baseball

I am a thirtysomething year-old guy from the mid-west. I am happily married with three kids, and have always been in love with the game of baseball. I played all the way through school, have played in some men’s baseball leagues, and every so often, I still wonder what it would be like to be at bat, 7th game of World Series, 2 out, bottom of the ninth, down by three, bases loaded…well, you know the fantasy.

I also like talking about baseball…from little league all the way to major leagues. However, it is hard to find hard-core baseball fans that like to do the same. Most of my family/friends/talk shows that I have access to, would rather talk football, basketball, golf, NASCAR. The other sports that I just mentioned, I have no problem discussing them. I enjoy all of them.

But baseball is my first sports love, and this is what the creation of this blog is about.

Given that we are in the “Hot Stove” league of the year, all subjects are open. Just a few rules…

1) NO NAME CALLING!!! ie “you suck, you are an idiot”.

If you want to leave lame comments like that, take to the comments page after every article that you read on major sports websites. Telling me that you strongly disagree with a comment/view/subject matter is MORE THAN WELCOME, but no “spitting contests.”

2) All ages groups are welcomed and ENCOURAGED!!!!!!!!!

I will be bringing up topics in the future that will only be worthwhile to read with feedback from all generations!!!

3) Gotta love the game.



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