Media and Annoucers

I heard that Albert Pujols finally opened up to the media yesterday, about his name being leaked out before the Mitchell Report was released. Word is that he insisted that a local television channel turn there camcera and not be a part of the news conference. It was the TV station that leaked his name locally, without sufficient evidence.
I thought that was great. Here is why.
If I had a neighbor tell my wife that they saw me at a bar one night, looking at another woman, that would cause problems. First of all, I can not remember the last time I went to a bar without my wife. And she knows that. she also knows that if I am going to go to a bar, it won’t be without her. Why, BECAUSE I LOVE GOING OUT WITH MY WIFE!!
But there is still damage done. My wife is going to wonder why soemone would tell her that. There is a chance that she would wonder if something…ANYTHING…is going on (and I can’t say that I blame her). You see, the damage is done.
Now getting back to Pujols…
People who know me, know that I hate listening to 99% of news reporters, and most sports broadcasters. They BORE me with the same idiotic questions, comments and euphemisms.
For example…
“Hey, Albert… what EXACTLY was going through your mind as you were running the bases after hitting that walk off homerun to clinch the pennant??!!”
Who gives a shit??!!! He just hit a walk off homerun to clinch a pennant!!!! Isn’t that enough?

“Hey Barry Bonds, how do you feel abou the tohe D.A. seeking indictment…blah blah blah?”
I am about as interested he what Barry Bonds feels as I do about the mating habits of a fruit fly.

In Basketball….”Great no call!!!!”””
And don’t even get me started on annoucers/reporters for fishing, bowling, and poker playing…THERE AREN”T EVEN A SPORT!!!!!

You see my point? Let me just clarify a little more…

When I was a kid, and Saturday afternoon “Game of The Week” was on (am I bringing back any memories?), I would stop what I was doing to watch Reggie Jackson up to bat, to watch Rickey Henderson run the bases, to see the bases loaded in the ninth inning…That what makes the game of baseball great, not the annoucers!!! I don’t care What the players THINK, I care what they DO ON THE FIELD!!!!!!


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