What I want to talk about…

Ok, like many other people, I am tired of hearing about the following….

Steriods, HGH, Clemens, Bonds, where is Johan going to play this coming season….

I want to talk about something else…who I like/liked to watch play the game of baseball. This is my list, for my reasons alone. I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s. The following are who I watched play the game.


Dwight Gooden – during his first few years in the majors, he was amazing, NOBODY had a curveball like his “Lord Charles”.

Joaquín Andújar – You never knew what was going to happen with him on the mound, but you knoew it would be fun to watch…he was a competitor.

2) Catcher

Gary Carter – “The Kid” knew how control the game. Glad he wore an Expo hat into the Hall.

Tony Pena – If he wanted a pitch at the knees, and you needed a target, he’d sit on his butt to give you the target.

Benito Santiago – Two reasons. Cool name, and he could throw you out stealing from his knees.

3)1st base

Keith Hernandez – clutch hitter, and great defensive player

Pete Rose – gotta put Charlie Hustle in there somewhere.

4) 2nd base

Joe Morgan – Loved watching him play, love him more as an announcer.

Ryne Sandberg – classic player. Played hard and consistant his whole career

5) 3rd base

Scott Rolen – dude is a human vacuum cleaner at the hot corner

George Brett – one of the greatest.

6) Shortstop

Ozzie Smith – The Wizard, in my mind, revolutionized the postion

Derek Jeter – Winner…enough said

Shawon Dunston – Dude had a CANNON for an arm!!!!

7) Outfield

Reggie Jackson – When Mr. October came to the plate, you stopped whatever you were doing…and watched

Rickey Henderson – One of the last to make running the bases exciting

Willie McGee – If you ever had to chance to watch in play in person, you remember how fast AND quick he was in the outfield and the bases

Ken Griffey, Jr – You just KNOW he loves playing the game.


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