Little League Pitching

Little League Pitching
I live in Saint Louis, Missouri. My local radio station is AM 590 KFNS. I was listening to a call in talk show this past weekend, and the subject of inside pitching came up. The comment was made about kids not being taught to throw the inside pitch when they are young. I would like to comment on this myself. Now keep in mind that I have an 11 year old son that plays ball, catcher and has made a couple of pitching appearences, where I am also the coach of the team.

I have, from the start, taught him and the pitchers to try and pitch inside to batters as much as possible. I do not think there is anything wrong with this approach. I think that if a kid is going to pitch throughout his childhood, he (or she…yes, I have no problem having girls on my kid’s team. If they want to play, then they have a spot on my team, just like a boy does (that is a another blog subject down the road)).

I believe that if a child is going to want to have fun in ANY sport, then they need to be taught not only the fundamentels, but also how to succeed in each age group. With each lesson, it needs to be implemented everytime, everygame.

Now if a batter getshit, so be it. I myself was hit MANY times by a pitcher growing. And yes , sometimes I even had tears rolling down my face going to first. But I lived. I “rubbed dirt on it”, and kept playing.

It IS alright to teach kid pitchers to pitch inside!!!!


One thought on “Little League Pitching

  1. Hi Tommy, I have coached for several years and this past year while coaching my 10 year old, I taught him the inside pitch. Now of course he didn’t get it right away and the result was that he hit several batters. I actually had umpires who made me replace him after the second or third hit batter. I could have discontinued this training due to the pressure from the umpires but I decided to continue working with him. By the end of the year, he began to manage the pitch a bit better and he actually posted his first 11 strikeout (1 walk) game against the 12 and under (He was only 10 at the time) group. So I agree with you, the umpires have got to just let them play and realize that batters getting hit is just part of the game. Man up UMP!

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