My thoughts of Andre Dawson

As you know, it is the time of year to speculate who will be elected into the Baseball Hall Of Fame. I know there is a lot of talk for Jim Rice and Goose Gossage, however I would like to throw in my two cents for Andre Dawson.
Andre was a player that I grew up watching (too young to remember the other two gentlmen, outside of Goose popping Ron Cey in the head in the playoffs). I was a product of the 80’s, where there were only a few “superstations” on cable TV. I was able to watch just about every game of the Cubs being played on WGN out of Chicago. Although I am not a Cubs fan, I did (and still do) enjoy daytime baseball.
I remeber when Dawson first signed with the Cubs, and the whole story over him signing a blank contract. But I also remember watching this guy play with the passion of a little kid. I still remember that scowl of his when he was at the plate, that cool,smooth swing that he had, and let’s not forget the excitement he would create when runners tried to score on him. That he probably one of the things I miss the most out of baseball! This generation of outfielders, for the most part, couldn’t throw a baseball across my parents swimming pool, much less throw a runner out at home.
I believe his numbers speak for themselves; that he deserves to be elected into the Hall Of Fame. If and when he does, he will sure to be one of the players I would talk about to my sons when they go visit the HOF.

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