Bill Walton = heartburn

The following quote is from Shaquille O’Neal….

“Bill Russell is the president and CEO. He’ll be there. Kareem (Abdul-Jabbar) is second. Me and Tim Duncan, we’re third, because we have four each. The great Wilt Chamberlain, because of what he’s done, is second. So everybody else is under me when it comes to pecking order. Him talking about me is like the owner of Atari talking about Bill Gates. Can’t do it. Pecking order rules.” — Shaquille O’Neal went off on ESPN commentator Bill Walton in chatting with reporters who cover his new team.

…Now, I am not a Shaq fan, outside of him being a great player and watching him through the years. I do not listen to his music, watch his movies, and could not have cared less when he divorced Kobe.

 That being said, it did bring a smile to face to hear some basically tell Bill Walton to shut his yapper. I have been stuck listening to his idioctic ways for several years on TV. 

Myself, being a lifelong Spurs fan, have put up with Bill bashing Duncan and company about how they did not have enough heart. Now his comments were directed towards David Robinson, but the longer he went on, the weaker his comments became.  And the Spurs are not the only team he has bashed on. In fact, I think it would be safe to say that he can never be accused of being biased towards anyone (except for John Wooden).

Do us all a favor Bill, go back home to your gardening, pot smoking, and Grateful Dead worshiping.  AND STAY THERE!!!!!!!


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