Color Of Change with Bryan Burwell

Watched a TV show this past weekend on FOX Sports, called ” Color Of Change”. This was in my mind an excellant show hosted by Bryan Burwell (who also is the best sports columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch). In this show, Bryan explores the life and times of Negro League Players, with the back drop being in Kansas City.

 This was the first chance I had veiwing the show, which came out in 2007 to coincide with the 60th anniversery of Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in MLB. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this show.  Listening to Mr. Burwell interview Buck O’Neil about revelent issues of his life was amazing to hear.

I have always been interested in learning about the Negros Leagues (I even used the subject on a History Fair project back in high school), and would have loved to have had this show as a reference back then.

I do have to say that watching this show raised up an anger that I have had for many years, being that Buck O’Neil has yet to be inducted into Cooperstown.  Mr. O’Neil, in my mind is the epitome of a Hall Of Famer, who has done more for the game of baseball over time than probably 90% of the inducted people.  If you think I am wrong for saying this, then state your case tome, and I will gladly step up to the plate and take you on.

Go ahead and do a search on Buck O’Neil on any search, and read up on him for thirty minutes, and then tell me why he should not have been inducted. Better yet, watch “Color Of Change”, and THEN get back to me on this.



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