Albert Pujols’ Elbow

I heard been hearing a LOT of discussion over the past few days about Albert’s elbow, both locally and nationally ( I live in St. Louis).

A lot of the talk is coming from fantasy baseball people, on how and where to pick him. To tell you the truth, this is old news to the fan-base in St. Louis, he has had this problem for quite a few years, which I believe is one of the reasons, if not the main reason he was moved to first base. It has been stated by a couple of St. Louis sports reporters that Albert visited to nationally prominent doctors during the off-season, and they both recommended that he can forego surgery at this time, and have limited harm to his playing. He has done it for five seasons already, and thrown up Joltin’ Joe numbers.

I was listening to a sports radio show today, held up in the northeast, and they were talking about why they think the Cardinals are not making Pujols shut it down this season, since the public thought (and I agree) is that the Cardinals really do not have a chance for post season this year. Now most of there thinking made sense to me, however I had to disagree with one.

They stated that the Cardinals organization had to think what was best for the business, meaning that they would need Pujols to put fans in the seat. Living here for 20 years now, and knowing what the fan base is like her, I must disagree.

Cardinal fans will ALWAYS come to the game, pure and simple. They are like the Cubs or the Red Sox. The fan base is her, and it will always be here.


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