Jim Rome = Heartburn

Stayed home yesterday from work with a case of sickness. I was starting to feel better, until I flipped on the channel with Jim Rome’s ranting mouth spewing his typical bull-vine scatology that he calls his “thoughts”.

Now Jim was ranting about how painful it is to hear that Billy Crystal is doing his one day with the Yankees.

 Now, I understand the point of his show…ratings…and for him to get that, he has to come off as the equivalent of a professional wrestling commentator (I guess to attract some of the millions of idiots that live and die around the time-slot of Smackdown). Sad thing is, I have been told by some that he would detract away from the excitement of two blind midgets wrestling. Ouch!!

 With all the mundane of coverage of Clemens, Pettitte, steroids, HGH, and Mitchell report, to a lot of baseball fans, hearing that Billy Crystal was going to “suit up” for the Yanks brought us about 5 seconds of a good natured smiling.  To be able to hear about something not necessarily  “positive”, but fun. Something that is being done for FUN!!!!

Yes, I know, it is obviously good PR. So be it!!!  What harm did it cause? The only harm that it caused for me was listening to Jim Rome sound like a scorned child being picked last in a game of pickup of dodge-ball.

Hey Jim, if you feel jealous that no one has agreed to have you show up for a day of fun, how about we set up a match between you and Jim “Chris” Everett in a “celebrity boxing match”, which I would pay to watch him whip your butt!!!


One thought on “Jim Rome = Heartburn

  1. I realize Mr. Rome makes his living pandering to a bunch of frustrated sports addicted idiots,however, his comments about community colleges not being “real” college is absurd. Like all human endevors the educational system has many problems,however, communty colleges produce respiratory therapists, nurses, police officers and firefghters. Many of these people are more academically accomplished than some overpaid dope that was allowed to skate by at the university level playing a child’s game. Many of these people display real courage in real life situations, not pseudo character that is for sale to th highest bidder.

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