What a REFRESHING full opening day!!!

What a REFRESHING full opening day!!!
Yeah, I know…a few rainouts and rain delays, not to mention I had my two year old on my lap the whole time with a fever. But we had baseball!!!
Let’s make a list, shall we?
1) Detroit vs. Kansas City. –  Game started the day off with Verlander and Gil Meche. Two starters that went six innings. (yeah, I know, you old-timers remember when going only six innings was dedicated to pitchers in the bottom of the rotation). We gpt to see Cabrera in a new uniform, Sheffield wagging his bat in the box, and even saw Jose Guillen show off his arm.
2) Milwaukee vs. Chicago Cubs. –  …in Wrigley Field. that should suffice enough, but let’s continue. Ben Sheets against Carlos Zambrano, shut out ball through eight innings, six innings in the ninth, one in the tenth.  (Do you THINK Fukodome fit in nicely?
3) Mets vs. Florida.  –  Santana made it fun to watch!! (Hendrickson took away some of the fun, though)
4) Los Angeles Angels of Anahiem vs. Minnesota Twins of Minneapolis- What a close game that meets opening day standards. When you have a team that has a guynamed Boof, and a reliever that pitches like Neshek (you have to watch him, there is no way to describe him), you HAVE to keep an eye on this team in the score boxes. And what about Vlad getting knocked on his butt!!!
5) Big time bummer with the Yankees and Cardinals getting postponed, but we get to look forward to those today!!!
6) Tampa Bay vs. Baltimore – Well…at least Camden Yards is still cool!!!!
7) Houston vs. San Diego – Not too shabby of a game…cool to see Roy go up against Jake.

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