One reason I Am Against The DH…

I HATE the DH, I always will. I do not look down on players that make a career out of it, or use it as a means to extend their career. The rules are the rules and it is what it is. But something last night happened during the Mets/Marlins game that will not show up in the boxscores or on newsflash.

Pedro Martinez came up to bat…not impressed?
Two on and two out…still not impressed?
This will….His at bat lasted 12 pitches, and a full count, before going down swinging!!!  Pedro got a standing ovation going back to the dugout, AS A VISITING PITCHER!!!!
Now I know that what will be more remembered of this game will be Pedro getting pulled out in the 4th inning with a bad hamstring, but I did not want to have this one little moment forgotten so soon. I believe fans appreciate a pitcher going up to the plate, digging in, and taking their best cut. It can be exciting, kinda like getting an extra toy thrown in your happy meal, or getting some kind of refund you were not expecting. It doesn’t change the world, but makes a few moments of your day brighten up.
“Ever since I moved over to the American League, people have forgotten how good of a manager I am” – Sparky Anderson

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