Free Throw’s, and…God’s Will

Well, another Final Four has come and went, and what an ending. First off, congrats to the Jayhawks!!! And for the Tigers, well…you blew it, plain and simple….TWICE.
YOU HAVE TO HIT YOUR FREE THROWS!!!! It is the easiest shot to make after the slam dunk and lay up. And then you let the Jayhawks come down and tie the game on a three pointer. Hope you guys have some tough skin, ’cause you are going to hear about it for quite a while. That includes you John Calipari. Of course, the millions of dollars you make a year should soften the blow. You are the BIGGEST bone head of the game.
Nevermind that you have five, ahem, “student athletes” on the floor that should have the presence of mind to foul on the inbounds, but you, your staff, the other, ahem, student athletes on the bench should have been screaming to foul. But no…end the end, by your terms, it was “…God’s will”.
Are you kidding me??!!!!  I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall when you go recruiting with THAT in your vocabulary.
You go from making excuses all year that free-throw shooting on your team was not an issue, to….”God’s Will” when Derrick Rose missed the game clinching free-throw. Dude, you, your staff, and yuor team choked. Don’t go blaming some deity on your blunder. God didn’t create basketball. A Canadien doctor, in a YMCA created it in 1891 for some kids, because it was cold outside. I’m sure it wasn’t “God’s will” for little Johnny in his knickers to learn how to shoot a free-throw into a peach basket. And I am pretty sure “God’s Will” did not come into play on your lack of enthusiasm for teaching the art of charity points to you players.
Here are your credentials pulled right from your bio sheet on the official site of Memphis Tigers Website…
181-63 record at Memphis (7 years)
374-134 record overall (15 years)

3rd For Most Wins In NCAA History Through 15 Seasons
14 Postseason Tournaments
9 NCAA Tournament • 1 Final Four • 4 Elite Eights • 5 Sweet 16
5 NIT • 4 Final Fours
2002 NIT Title
8 League Championships


…but years down the road, you will be remembered has a choker.

And I hope that “God’s Will” will touch you…preferably with a swat on your backside from a wet towel in the locker room.


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