Thank you Joe Morgan & ESPN for Sunday and Wednesday Nights

The baseball season is in full swing, we have already had our share of trips to the DL, surprises with underacheivers (Tigers) and overacheivers (Royals, Cardinals), and even a ressurection of an Ortiz jersey from the new Yankees Stadium (GREAT P.R., I must say).
One of the things that always adds flavor to the baseball season, is listening to Joe Morgan as a color analyst for Senday and Wednesday Night baseball. Contrary to the thinking of the great staff at (great website if you are into sabremetrics thinking), I have ALWAYS enjoyed listening to Joe Morgan doing a game. Baseball is a thinking sport, with a rich history to go along with it. Joe Morgan is as good as it gets to interweave both aspects of the game during a broadcast.
Someone once said when asked what is so intriguing with baseball..”Because I can watch a game and forget about all my problems and issues going on for a few hours.” I think that is a great statement. Joe has a way of helping acheive that. To be able to sit and watch a game, stay interested with intelligent conversation, whether it be a team or player specifically, or the game in general.

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