Hank Steinbrenner…Calculated

I follow a blog from a lady named Rebecca, who lives up in the northeast. She is a die-hard Red Sox fan. Red Sox fan is a baseball fan, which is why I follow her blog. I read a recent entry of hers, Hank Steinbrenner: by his own protesting – “not stupid”. , where she states that Hank is out of his mind. 

I do not agrre with her, but I also do NOT disagree with her. I can’t!!  She loves her Red Sox. She is SUPPOSED to disagree with Hank, and any self-repsecting Bosox fan should.

With that being said, I replied to her post. The following is what I wrote…


Hank knows exactly what he is doing. That guy is a business man, first and foremost, more so than George. I have listened and read interviews with Hank in the past, dealing with business. He jumped all over this like free tickets behind home plate!!!

And don’t think that the Sox ownership group is giving a wink wink to Hank either.

Don’t think Hank’s comments have not been thought out and calculated. The Yanks, the Red Sox…hell, even Bud Selig, INC…are loveing EVERY MINUTE OF THIS!!!  Why? It makes them more money.

These ownership groups want the regular Jane/Joe fan to feeled loved just as much as Jane/Joe loves them. Passion for sports (or anything else, for that matter)is directly linked to our wallets. Wallets that will be opened up for tickets to the game, that replica jersey/hat at the department store, TV subscriptions, ratings that other companies will pay top dollar to advertise with.

I agree with you that “the young, fair Hank is going to make quite a spectacle of himself in the next few years.” But it is calculated. And it will be encouraged by all parties involved. 



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