The Passing of Johnnny Marz

Today is a sad morning for many of us who use up bandwidth to get our daily fill of baseball from Johnny Marz at .
I have been a listener for over a year, and have not enjoyed a broadcast show as much as “Leading Off” with him and Vinny Micucci. I will miss his daily banterings with Vinny discussing Vinny’s love for the Yankees, and his knowledge for the sport of baseball with his point of view growing up as a catcher in college, the Olympics, and the majors.


2 thoughts on “The Passing of Johnnny Marz

  1. I want to leave you some kind of profound comment since you left me one over on my blog, but I am not Sporty Spice, so I got nothing. I love Peyton Manning, but he plays football, which is not baseball.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment!! Stop by and holler any time you want.

  2. Hey there. I have to admit, I am not much on baseball, but I love the blog. Maybe I can learn something!
    Stop by my blog any time!

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