Latroy Hawkins Suspension

LaTroy Hawkins has been suspended three games and fined an undisclosed amount for his actions in Tuesday night’s game against the Orioles, Major League Baseball announced on Thursday, which I think is th correct thing to do.

Derek Jeter was hit by a pitch three innings earlier in the game, so it was perceived as a “protecting you own” pitch.

Now I am all for protecting your teammates. Hell, I have done it in the past, but not by throwing at someone’s face.  You can kill a person with a baseball. Hawkins is not some junk ball pitcher. The man has some heat.  If you are going to go down that route, put it in theor ribcage, or right in their backside. It is still going to hurt, AND send the message of “Hey dude, you ain’t going to get way with throwing at MY teammate.”

Of course, the rules implented these days already handcuff pitching staffs of both teams.  An umpire has the authority (and usually exercises this) to warn BOTH teams after the first hit batsmen at any point of the game. He can warn both teams that the next pitcher will get thrown out if he hits a batter.

To me, this is crazy!!! Say I am in the pennant race against the team they are playing, and their pitcher is their best pitcher, a power pitcher, who needs to be able to throw inside. Well, what I would do, is start a pitcher from my bullpen, have him hit one or two batters in the first ininng with high heat, and hope the umpire warns my team and the other team. If my pitcher get ejected, so what…I will already be have my REAL starting pitcher warming up already.

Let’s say that Randy Johson is pitching for the other team. Well I just took away his potent inside pitch, at least by a little bit. He would be thinking in the back of his head that he needs to make that he does not hit a batter for the rest of the game, therefore my batters have a better chance of sitting on an outside fastball. I have neutralized Randy’s effectivness.


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