Cell Phones At Ballgames Should Be A Criminal Offense

…and I am not talking about professional sporting events.
You paid to get in there, you want to waste your time away from the game, so be it.

I am talking about kids games. Pop warner football, Little League games, pee-wee basketball, etc. Last night, I went to my oldest son’s baseball game. At twelve years old, this is something that he enjoys, and he realizes that I enjoy it just as much, if not more than he does. I would say 98% for parents whose kids play sports and/or other activities will know this. Well this is not about you people. this is about the other 2% of you people that really chaps my rearend. The ones that come and make it obvious to everyone else there, that they really do not have much of an interest at what their child is doing.

case in point. Last night, me and several of the parents and grandparents noticed a lady that showed up, and and her damned cell phoen GLUED to her ear from the start of the game until the end of the 3rd inning…which lasted 90 minutes. 90 MINUTES!!!!! Her son, by that time had made a wonderful play at third base, a walk, a hit, and two runs scored (I am privy to this info, for I had the honor, yes the HONOR, to keep score of the game.

did she see any of this? No. She was too busy walking around over by the refreshment stand yapping her gums the whole time. the child came over after his 2 score of the game, and asked “did you see me slide into home plate?” Of course she stopped for two seconds to answer, “Yes, honey, that was great!!” She lied. She flat out lied.

We all know it wasn’t work related, she is a housewife. Now let’s be clear about something. HOUSEWIVES WORK ALSO, they just do not get a monetary paycheck for it. But you have no incoming sales calls work emergencies making your phone ring. We also no it was not a personal emergency…she was laughing through the whole conversation, like she was speaking with a friend.

At what point is the kid going to realize, “Hey, my mom shows up for the game, but she’s not really there?” I hope it never comes to this, but the this kid is a typical 12 year old kid with a brain on his shoulders and has already started mastering deductive reasoning.

Now I am not saying you need to whoop it up for every single play that happens. I’m not saying that you need to know every single kid’s name on the team, what their batting average is, or even their jersey number by heart. What I am saying is keep your damn cell phone put away in your pocket, come to the game, and enjoy a couple of hours of your child having a good time.

Oh yeah. By the way…she is the wife of the head coach of this team.


4 thoughts on “Cell Phones At Ballgames Should Be A Criminal Offense

  1. I don’t think cell phones should be banned, but rather the parents who use them and interupt the game shoud be banned if it becomes a problem. I may nto be a parent, but I do have a brother that plays baseball, basketball, and any other sport that he can weasel his way into playing and I can say that I use my cell phone at the game, but I am able to multi-task, by talking and watching the game.

    But those parents that interupt everyone else’s enjoyment of watching their child play should first be warned/asked to put the phone up and then should be asked to leave the game and if they return not to be one the phone, last straw if they do it a third time they should be banned. Because I know those parents all too well and they do nothing but interupt the game and distract the kids playing the games.

  2. Parents should no better. I don’t think banning phones from games would be right as someone may need to be contacted in an emergency. But I agree, I have seen lots of people use their cell phones at games and it’s really annoying.

  3. Absolutely freakin amazing! I’m the head coach of son’s 12u team and you just described my wife. She spends more time socializing with other mother’s or talking on her cell phone than she does watching her son. It’s incredible! He makes great plays and she claims that she saw the plays but I know better. What a joke!

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