Chipper Jones Going For .400

Joe Morgan interview Chipper Jones of the Atlanta Braves Sunday afternoon before their game against the LA Angels of Anehiem, and talked about his qwest for .400 and being a switch-hitter. Nobody has hit .400 in the majors since Ted Williams hit .406 in 1941. Williams also hit .400 in 1952 and .407 in 1953, both partial seasons; nobody has hit over .400 in a season since Williams.

Chipper gave a little insight how what he does at the plate from both sides. He stated that as a left handed hitter, that is his strong side, and that from that side of the plate he hits more of his home runs. When he bats from the right side of the plate, he usually has a more compact swing.

Joe Morgan spoke about this during the telecast of the game that it can be more difficult for a switch hitter to maintain his batting average than a batter that only hits from one side of the plate. He reasoning is there is twice as much to keep up with as far as mechanics and strength. Being that a switch hitter will bat from the right side against a lefty pitcher and that is Chipper’s “weak”, plus they have faced the most amount of lefty starters to this point of the season, it is going to be a real tough road for Chipper to hit .400. Up until that game Sunday night, Chipper was 1 for 9, but was coming back from the eye injury sustained during batting practice a few days before, when the ball he popped up hit the cross bar of the batting cage and bounced back to hit him in the eye.


4 thoughts on “Chipper Jones Going For .400

  1. Chipper is having a phenomenal season to date. I can’t remember the last person who was hitting over .400 this close to the All Star game, but lets not forget that in the AL you have Josh Hamilton via to become a triple crown winner.

  2. As much as I love Chipper, and I do, I don’t think .400 will happen for him. However, being this close to it this late in the year is an accomplishment I’m proud of.

    I think Chipper will finish above .350 and he’s my vote to win MVP honors this year. In my mind all he would have to do is stay healthy.

    Great post!

    ~JB@The Launching Pad

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