Joba is a starter again.

Well. looks like the Yankees took the plunge for good this season. they are so banged up in the starting rotation that their good intentions for Joba have gon to the wayside.
Joba went 5 2/3 innings yesterday, threw 100 pitches and walked away with a no decision. New York extended its longest winning streak of the season to seven and improved to seven games above .500 for the first time this year. But at what cost to the future.
As I wrote in April about Joba, I thought it was a good idea to bring him along slowly, however the Yankees feel it is needed for him to jump right into the starting rotation. I hope this doesn’t backfire into injuries down the road.

4 thoughts on “Joba is a starter again.

  1. I was nervous for Joba. I agree they should have brought him along slowly. As a baseball player still, I relief pitch. I go in and throw my heart out for two inning at most and shut teams down. I tried starting one game and found the my longevity was wasted from all the months relieving. Had the Yankees put him in a starting position in the beginning of the season or worked him in better they would be in much better shape.

  2. He’ll be fine. His arm may tire near the end of the yar, but that applies to most MLB players today. Being careful is one thing, babying him is another. Today’s athletes are bigger and stronger than ever, yet throw less than ever. Look back at Gibson or any of the great ones from the 60’s-70’s. 300 innings was common. Goose was interviewed recently, and he said he always pitched 2 inning saves. Today, a closer pitches 2 innings and they want to throw a parade for him.

  3. I’m with da old man on this one. While I understand your caution, I believe Joba will get the job done.

  4. Food for thought guys. Guys like Nolan Ryan and Bob Gibson did not start throwing heavy innings until they reached 25 years or older.

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