What ever happened to Carlos Baerga?

Carlos Obed Baerga Ortiz (born November 4, 1968 in Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico), better known plainly as Carlos Baerga, is a former Major League Baseball player. After spending most of his career as a second baseman, Carlos played first base, second base, third base, and designated hitter. Most people believe that Carlos Baerga’s best season was 1993, when he slugged 21 home runs, hit for a .321 average and knocked in 114 runs. He is a three time All-Star and two time Silver Slugger winner.

Carlos played in the 1995 World Series with an offensive juggernaut built around Belle, Manny Ramirez, Jim Thome, Sandy Alomar and Kenny Lofton. The switch-hitting Baerga was the first of two players to have ever hit one home run from both sides of the plate in the same inning.

In 2001, he played in an independent league and in the Korean Baseball Organization. Then he retired, and bought the Crabbers, becoming player-manager and realizing his childhood dream. However, after only one season, the Crabbers were forced to move to Bayamon, where they became the Cowboys. As a broadcaster, Baerga has enjoyed prominence as a color commentator at ESPN Deportes and ESPN Latin America. He has become recognized by fans and his fellow co-workers as “Carlos Obed”. He is also a predominant ficture in the Puerto Rican business society.

The picture to the right is from a good friend of mine over at Blogcatalog.com, Shirley. Shirley is a big time Indians fan, and had this picture taken of her with Carlos at a card show.


4 thoughts on “What ever happened to Carlos Baerga?

  1. Baerga was a bum. A B-U-M bum!

    But the article was cool – of course that is a Mets fans point-of-view…


  2. Benny, in all fairness, Carlos was a bum, but George foster tokk the cake on the B-U-M award.

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