Josh Hamilton HR Derby…WOW!!!

Last night I took two of my boys over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house to go swimming. On the way home we stopped off at the old trusty DQ for some ice cream. while on the way there, I turned on radio to see if I could get any baseball at all. Low and behold, they were broadcasting the homerun derby. I had one ear to the radio, one ear to the kids screaming in the backseat (what else are kids going to do?), and one ear to the drive thru girl.

I don’t know when I started getting caught up in the excitement, but I do know that I called my wife from my cell at 8:39 central to make sure that I set our DVR to the Home Run Derby. I could tell that she was rolling her eyes at me when she answered yes (I don’t blame her…she puts up with my childish giddiness when it comes to baseball).

When I went to watch the Derby later on that night, I just sat there, in shock of the monsters shots Hamilton was sending into what seemed like the stratosphere. I knew about his past, some of it in great detail, so this was great to see that he has come to this point in his baseball life, not to mention his real life.

When I do get a DVD burner set up with the DVR, you can bet that this derby will be one of the first things recorded. I already have a co-worker asking me if I could make him a copy also.


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