R.I.P. Bobby Mercer

Bobby Mercer died a couple of days after fighting a long battle with brain cancer. It has taken a couple of days to write about this, since the battle of cancer is kinda tough for me to write about. My wife has lost some loved ones in her family to cancer over the past few years, so here it goes.

Bobby Mercer grew up in Oklahoma as a high school baseball icon. It is said that he was to become the next Mickey Mantle, who also grew up in Oklahoma. That saying became even more true when Bobby was drafted and played for the Yankees also. Although he never accumulated the numbers that the Mick did, he was arguably one of the most popular Yankees over time.

Bobby Mercer also spent two years away from baseball when he was drafted for the Vietnam war, which he was to say later on in life that those two years helped him mature as man and top be able to handle the demands of being a major league player for 17 years.

After his playing days were over, he was long time announcer for the Yankees, and one of George Steinbrenner’s favorite guys.

Bobby was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2006, and fought the disease with class and dignity. Murcer passed away on the afternoon of July 12, 2008 in Oklahoma City surrounded by his family. He was 62 years old.


One thought on “R.I.P. Bobby Mercer

  1. He was a class act. And when he played he was easily the most popular Yankee. To put it in perspective (because the numbers don’t tell the whole story) he was traded for Bobby Bonds, who was considered the best in the NL at the time.

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