The funniest A-Rod Pic Ever!!

From my good buddy Amy over at

Pissing off A rod

Beer – $5
Madonna Pictures – $10
Look on your face when A-Rod sees you making fun of him – Priceless.

Photo apparently taken in Toronto this past Saturday. For those of you who haven’t heard already, it has been rumored that A-Rod and Madonna are more than friends, and that the impending Guy Ritchie-Madonna divorce (completely denied by the pair) is partly due to the baseball celebrity.


4 thoughts on “The funniest A-Rod Pic Ever!!

  1. OMG, that was AWESOME.

    Hey, when did you ask me if I’d be interested in writing? I just saw the comment a few days ago, but since I can’t read my blog in work, and I dont’ receive email notifications of postings – I hadn’t realized that you had commented. I found it accidentally on an outclick – and can’t find it now. I feel badly, I hope you didn’t think I ignored you — I just didn’t know!

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