Shove It Manny

Dude, I am SICK of hearing about you. You are a whiney brat. Period. That’s it. I mean it. You are a brat. You make 20 million dollars a year to play a game. Do you know how much it COSTED me to play baseball? About $500 to $600 dollars a year.

That’s right. I had PAY to play. League fees, uniform, umpires fees…don’t forget fuel costs to drive to the game and back home (and maybe a few beers after each game, but that’s another story). But it was worth it. It was fun. Do you have fun? Or does the Red Sox front office really make it that bad for you?

Ok, let’s say they do make it that bad for you…How? Are they late on your paycheck? Is the check not a pretty enough color for you? Is that what it is…the colr of your paycheck is giving you mental anguish? Could it be that your parking spot is not close enough to the clubhouse?

You know what, enough about you…go fuck yourself. (Don’t get offended by me…Ozzie Guillen is probably saying the same thing).

Let’s talk about the good stuff that has been going on. Let’s start with my beloved Cardinals. Chris Carpenter pitched last night for the first time in 16 months, and he looked good. You know what cool about it, when Tony Larussa took him out of the game. Carpenter was on an 80 pitch count limit. After 4 innings, he was at 67. La Russa and pitching coach Dave Duncan decided it was time to lift Carpenter, whether he wanted out of the game or not.

“That was enough,” La Russa said. “If he goes out for the fifth, you’re really pushing it. He gave me a look that I haven’t missed. I told him I haven’t really missed that look of, ‘You’re taking me out?'”

You hear that? Manny Ramirez can’t get out of Boston fast enough because of the lack of mental peace, and Chris Carpenter gets frustrated because the manager was taking him out of the game!!!

“That’s the shot in the arm that we needed,” said outfielder Skip Schumaker. “To see him throwing 91-93, with his cutter, that’s a huge thing for us. It was a lot of fun to watch and play behind.

Now I ask you…who would you rather have in YOUR clubhouse?

Here’s another one.

Yesterday Ivan Rodriguez was traded to the Yankees for Kyle Farnsworth. Not TOO exciting for me, but when the press interviewed Joe Girardi (Yankees manager), it reminded me aobut the good in baseball. Joe Girardi almost broke down talking about the trade.

Girardi said that saying goodbye to Farnsworth — a former batterymate and a pitcher for who he had lobbied all season long — was especially difficult.

“It was tough,” Girardi said. “It’s good to see a guy resurrect his career. He was willing to make some changes here and he’s been dynamite with us. My relationship with him goes all the way back to 2000. I’m really happy for the success that he’s had and I hope it continues for him.”

You think any of that will be said about Manny? Doubt it.


5 thoughts on “Shove It Manny

  1. Manny is a spoiled doofus. But he is the only Sox player I haven’t hated. I even like him.
    But he is like so many players…they don’t care how good the have it.

  2. Welcome to Rebecca, but I gotta say Manny sucks shoe horns.

    Maybe I hate him cuz I’m a die-hard Yankee fan, whattyathink? lol!
    Quoting my Ozzie is very approproate when it comes to Whining Ramierez ~

    Thoughts on KgriffJr being a WHITESOX??? I, for one, am over the moon!

    Wait, whats that? I think I hear the “BillyGoat” waking! Hope Ken Jr. will be happy here with us, esp if we go against those Cubbies. What a day in sports!

  3. Hey – thanks for the welcome.

    Yes, maybe being Yankee’s fan might cloud your perspective just a teensy bit. πŸ˜‰ But all kidding aside, we all know that all major market teams have their diva or problem child. It comes with the money territory, no?

    Here’s the thing – love’em or hate ’em – the Sox are a better team with’em.

    I’m really hoping that the Sox are using this drama as a diversion to make a sensible trade, for a middle reliever and possibly another starter. Truth be told – if they don’t fill that hole AND lose Manny’s big bat – call it a season.

    The Yankees cleaned up nicely this trading season. Filling in the holes – that’s key.

  4. Manny’s a weird dude, but he’s a helluva ball player. I think that the media needs something to write about and Manny gives it to them. I wish they would focus on his play. Play Ball!

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