Random Thoughts….

1. The Rays & The Angels both still look really hot….don’t they.

2. Nice to see that Giambi has lost the pornstache. I still can’t stand him, but I dislike him a little less without that horrible excuse for facial hair on his mug. Now, my visceral reaction to seeing him onscreen is just slightly less….physical.3. Joba Chamberlain – tons of talent, but not enough discipline in my opinion. I think this little shoulder injury (which hopefully won’t be anything serious, he is truly so talented) – is God’s way of saying “maybe you should think twice about trying to take off someone’s head intentionally, dumbass”.

4. Clay Bucholz is not ready for starting rotation. I think he needs to be switched to middle relief and the Sox need to find another starter – fast. I get that he’s getting no run support, there’s definitely batting issues at the moment. But I’ve just never been convinced that he’s ready.

5. Still missing Manny…sigh.
And David Ortiz seemed like his was missing him too, during his pre-game interview. Big Papi was a little…somber it seemed. He also mentioned during the interview that his wrist twinges now and again and probably will for the rest of the season. If this clicking from last night is serious – and he goes on the DL, I just don’t know how we’ll keep it together.

Speaking of number 24…sure, everyone balked at the dugout scuffle between Manny & Youk and the contributing comments from other ball players who said that things like that happen more frequently that one would know – it just isn’t televised. Did anyone catch the dugout display by Prince Fielder towards Manny Para last night? Second scuffle for the Brewers in a year caught on HD. Guess that lends a little more credibility towards the fact that when you have competition and testosterone floating around – anything can happen.

-Rebecca (also found at “I’m just a girl” )



4 thoughts on “Random Thoughts….

  1. You’re whining more about Joba coming inside than Youkilis did, and that’s saying a lot.

    You do know coming inside is part of the game, right?

    And you used to have a legendary head hunter on your team, Clemens.

  2. No, I’m not whining about Joba…he’s got a history of doing that – and not just to Youk. It’s lack of emotional discipline, which is sin for such a talented young pitcher. Oh and for the record, Youk’s been told to “settle down” since the Manny incident in the dugout. Seems like lots of people have wanted him to settle down in his complaining.

    LOL, you won’t get much arguement out of me most days just because I don’t “hate” the Yankees. I don’t love their ownership and the philosphies thereof…but the team itself? I’m just not that kinda girl…

  3. Oh, and just for the record – I’m all for going in on the inside. Crowd the plate – and take the risk. All’s fair.

    But the last I checked anatomy and a baseball stance even when crowding, above someone’s head isn’t exactly the territory when throwing inside…

  4. No way to prove otherwise, but I don’t think Joba tried to hit Youk, let alone throw at his head. He’s a young pitcher and I can imagine the pressure got to him, and he overthrew the ball.
    Look at how he fell apart in the playoffs with those stupid bugs last year.

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