Baseball is a passion that bonds and divides all those who know it.

1. Look at all these rumors…. Stories flying around all over Red Sox Nation. Hottest rumor I heard this morning was that one of the “big three” in the Front Office would be moving on this year. We know Theo’s contract Is up, but how’s about the possibility of Lucchino moving on to work with Frank McCourt? In Manny drama, in addition to the investigation that he intentionally forced the Sox into a trade – I heard scufflings about some suggesting that if (and that’s a huge “IF” at the moment) the Sox were to win the World Series – that Manny wouldn’t be invited to attend the ring ceremony. Now that’s one rumor that I certainly think is not true. I highly doubt that the Red Sox organization would do such a thing. That would be poor taste. And of course while I try to disregard the gossipy rumors, I’ve heard over the last few weeks from different sources (including one inside Fenway, though honestly I don’t know the reliability of) some very disappointing news regarding my very favorite person in all of the MLB, my dear Captain. They can’t possibly be true, because let’s be honest — we all know the truth of the matter is that he loves me! (come on, give a girl a break would you?)

2. Speaking of Jason….he’s the next focus of attention regarding contract talks amidst the media circles in town. I’m sorry, if I’ve said it once – I’ve said it a million times – he’s too valueable to this team to let go. What he brings to the Sox is intangible. If he’s not slugging – that shouldn’t be that big of an issue, keep him in the “8” spot. It’s his catching, leadership, and defense that round off everything else. Oh, and with Scott Borass being under so much scrutiny these days, negotiating may very well be in the favor of the Red Sox organization. Rumor has it that he’ll be looking for another four years. Will he get it? I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s even true….but if I was a gambling girl, I’d say the Sox give him at least two – with options.3. Pitching is an issue. Have I not been beating the “Clay Buchholz isn’t ready” drum all season long? It’s really hard when the shoes you have to fill are your own! Throwing a no hitter your first time out is almost unheard of, plus everyone then expects you to be solid, at a minimum – if not great – from there on in. It’s going to be fun tonight to watch “the new kid” Charlie Zink pitch. It’s always fun to watch a knuckleballer and a new guy at that. But back to pitching for a minute – our lineup is good, but we have no real dominating threat at bat outside of Papi. Everyone is strikeable. Not that Manny wasn’t – but again, might I ask whom else would you see step up at 0-2 with 2 outs and think “oh yeah, we can get a run out of this…it’s possible”. I know the end was coming eventually – I just wish it wasn’t this season, especially where our pitching is seemingly…struggling at times – and most definitely lacking middle relief. Hitting wins games….pitching wins games. It’s ying and yang. You can’t be great at just one of them – there has to be a good balance of both.

4. Okay, off topic of baseball and a quick Patriots thought…did anyone else notice how visibly disappointed Brady looked at his backup? He and Cassell didn’t even speak when the rookie came off the field and Matt Gutierrez went on. Now THAT was painful to watch. Sack. Sack. Sack. Oh – he’s got the ball? Sack. The only bright light was Kevin O’Connell who actually did something with the ball and made things happen.

Football is definitely one of the best parts of fall….that and of course, post-season baseball.

-Rebecca, “I’m just a girl”


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