Grow up B.J.

Gotta give it to those Tampa Rays, after yet another victory last night, again the Al leading Angels, even if they have to put up with that spoiled brat B.J. Upton. Here the manager’s quote last night…

“That’s a mental mistake he made right there. It’s not a lack of effort,” Maddon said.

Oh really. You expect me to believe that? He has been benched by you three times in the past two weeks for lack of hustle!!

Oh wait, teammate Cliff Floyd was quoted as saying…”I’ll tell you one thing about tonight, he’s hurting,he’s hurting bad”. Oh, so we have a carrer clown standing up for a spoiled brat…niiiiiiiiiiiice. This is NOt what the Rays need in the P.R. section. Maybe it is because that this team is so new to success that they don’t know how to mantain their clean cut approach.
Someone in that organization better use sit Upton down and and chew his ass out, NOW. Tampa has a good thing going. Hell, this is a good thing for the MLB. One of the largest TV markets in the country, neat park, fans with money. Vacation hotspot….you see where I am going with this?

Grow up B.J., you have the oppurtunity that I bet YOU can’t even imagine for years to come, whether to career it out in Tampa, or hit the free agent avenues down the road. Don’t blow this.


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