Yo, Cleveland Fans…Shut up already!

So LeBron James’ loyalties “irk”Cleveland fans.

That’s the story all over the news after Lebron was seen hanging out on the Dallas Cowboys sideline before last Sunday’s home opener for the Cleveland Browns, while sporting a Yankees cap that I have seen him wear all the time.

Cleveland, you have bigger problems with sports than worrying about LeBron’s likes outside of basketball.  You should be more “irked” over how the Browns played against the Cowboys.  I was born and raised in Texas. I was a Cowboys fan out of the womb, and I even felt sorry for the Browns getting their butts spanked 38-3.

Face it, you will lose LeBron to free agency when his contract is up. And you deserve to. Well, not so much the fans, but the front office deserves to. Forget about the fact the the NBA front office wants King in a bigger market, but the Caveliars front office does not know their head from their butt when it comes to building a team around this guy. I won’t bring up the names of all those  “wonderfull building pieces” that your front office signed over the years, because I am not one to make a fan cry over something so obvious.

So back to your “irk” over LeBron’s loyalties. He really does not owe you a thing. He’s from Akron. He’s a lifelong Yankees fan. He’s a lifelong Cowboys fan (what did you expect, for him to don a vintage Brian Sipe jersey, while snacking on  a scooby snack?).

He is also a family man and business man. Yes, that’s right, a business man…who takes cares of who is important, which is himself and family. He doesn’t owe you fans a thing.

My advice is to enjoy him while you can, because in two years you’ll be able to seen him only a few times a season when he comes to town on the visitors plane…and don’t think that means in the playoffs either.


5 thoughts on “Yo, Cleveland Fans…Shut up already!

  1. The Browns did not lose 38-3. Nice try. I am actually from Akron myself, and take offense to these remarks about the city of Cleveland. If LeBron is smart, he will stay where things look good. Would it be smart to move to New Jersey or New York and play with a bunch of inexperienced kids that have shown no potential? Or would be it be a better busines decision to stay in a comfortable system with Maurice Williams, J.J. Hickson, Daniel Gibson, and a whole boatload of cash this summer? Unless the Knicks or Nets can overwhelm the entire sports world this season for their talent “outside of LeBron,” then they are in no better situation to ever acquire him.

    Yes, people from around the Cleveland area are completely ticked off that the organization signed players such as Larry Hughes, and Donyell Marshall, and made countless horrible draft picks over the years. But the team is moving in the right direction starting this summer. Maurice Williams, Delonte West and Daniel Gibson combine for an above average back court, and for the time being Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Ben Wallace, Anderson Varejao, and Stromile Swift will be serviceable forwards that will feed off of LeBron. I think that the Cavaliers minus LeBron right now are better than the Knicks or Nets, and certainly have more potential to grow overall going into the summer of 2010, because goal number one will be to resign LeBron and please him in whatever way possible.

  2. Jacob,

    I owe you and everyone an apology. You are correct, about the score, it was not 38-3. however at the time of writing this, my wife, who is a die-hard Rams fan, was licking her wounds over crappy team getting spanked by the Eagles, and I guess I got mixed up.

    Please accept my apology, and thank you for your views and comments!!

    Travis, thanks. She is also my wife, and a hottie!!! If you want more pictures of her, then you will need to contact her. But be prepared to pay, LOL!!

  3. So Lebron is a Yankees fan and a Cowboys fan? Must mean he’s a Lakers fan, too. The holy trinity of bandwagoners.

    You, Tommy, on the other hand, are not a bandwagoner. I respect those that have a handle on the game and are a fan of those teams with good reason. But I live in San Antonio, where by default you are expected to be a Cowboys and Longhorns fan. Not sure if it’s because of the proximity to San Antonio (being in the same state), but I find it to be more of a glamorous thing. Not being a Cowboys fan, I find it sad to go to a neighborhood bar for Monday night football and no more about the Cowboys than their “fans”. If the Spurs weren’t here, these people would no doubt be Lakers fans. And I see plenty of Yankees gear, too.

    Anyway, I digress. Thanks for letting me rant. And great job on the blog!

  4. Dave,

    Funny you should say that you live in San Antonio. I grew up there as a kid (Northwest Side. Off of Marbach between 410 Loop 1604). And I also learned something in lines of who you said about knowing more about Cowboys than so called “bandwagoners”. I learned that to enjoy a Cowboys game, don’t hang out with other Cowboys fans. If you can’t run down every good player on that team for the history of the team, then I don’t want you around. Gimme some Redskins fans, Eagles Fans, NY fans, of Chicago fans, you know?

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