3 Reasons Why MNF Sucks To Watch

Mike Tirico
Tony Kornheiser
Ron Jaworski

These guys downright suck as a commentating team. I can handle them for the first quarter, mainly because my two little ones are still awake and are making enough noise to drown them out. But by the time it the second quarter, they are fast asleep in bed, so I am stuck obtaining a three quarter headache from this crew.

Tony, you need to stick to PTI, where your unsoothing voice fits right in with the program itself.

Ron, you need to stick to studio work. You can break down X’s and O’s with the best of them. I always came away learning something from you after you disected game film. but in the booth, you are about as pleasant to listen as Joan Rivers jacked up on greenies.

And Mike, dude…you just need to crawl back to whatever hole you came from.
Look, MNF has been trying to mix football with entertainment in the booth for years!!!  they almost had it right a few years ago. since I am a typical all-American guy with a a continuious thirst for football AND entertainment, my thought on this should be the law.

The following should be in the MNF booth, starting this coming week. Pay them whatever they wish.

Lisa Guerrero
Bonnie Bernstein
Dennis Miller

Here are my reasons…

Bonnie Bernstein…what’s better than a good looking woman? A good looking woman that knows her sports.

Lisa Guerrero…same as above, plus no one would mind her “personality-driven and feature-driven” aspect of the players.

Dennis Miller…Dude is hilarious. I do not care if half the veiwing audience can not keep up with his dialogue, they can go ahead and turn up their 8-track players blaring Merle Harggard for all I care.

My choices cover it…Looks, knowledge, and laughter.

Oh! I almost forgot about sideline reporter…I pick Jillian Reynolds, for two reasons. One, she is pretty, and two…nobody would mind being asked stupid dumbass questions from her that is required to be asked by a sideline reporter.

Who would you choose for your crew in the MNF booth?


9 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why MNF Sucks To Watch

  1. In the booth:
    Bryant Gumble, he is great at NFL nework on Thursdays
    Tiki Barber
    Dick Butkus

    Just a hot chick with a mic and a speaker so the guys in the booth can talk to the players and coaches directly. The only thing more annoying than this current MNF team is listening to some info-babe saying ” I asked him this” and “He said that” “then I asked this”. It sounds like they are spreading gossip!

  2. Jaworski and Kornheiser are awful. Jaworski because he uses a phony voice – alternating between higher volume and drawing out the words for effect. Unlistenable.

    Kornheiser because he says stupid things. Neither he nor Jaworski add to the show.

    Randy Cross also stinks, for that matter.

    The NFL should rate its broadcasters. Keep the bad ones off the air. With today’s visual technology, I think a single broadcaster is enough for any NFL game.

  3. In the booth:

    1) Sean McDonough.

    No need for any blabbermouths accompanying him. Today’s visual technology takes care of the extras.

  4. MNF with just Mike Tirico would be fine.

    We don’t need the noise pollution of idiot boothmates.

  5. When I watch MNF, I always have the mute on. I mean, seriously, I’d love to have an option where you could still get the sounds of the game without having to listen to these ass hammers. I’m enough of a fan where I don’t need some has-been in a fancy suit to tell me that football is played with a freaking football!!!!

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