Time for MLB Playoffs

Well, my St. Louis Cardinals are out of the playoffs, but not to fret. We still have baseball, and that’s what matters most.

My buddy JB, over at The Launching Pad, is getting a bunch of writers to cover their respective teams throughout the playoffs, and has asked me to follow the Chicago White Sox, which I am flattered to do. I feel a little sense of loyalty to them, since my father grew up on the South Side. He grew up in the hayday of baseball, the fifties and sixties, with his favorite player being Luis Aparicio. One of my fondest memories was when he made it a point to take a trip up to Chicago back in 1989, so that I could go to old Comisky Park before they tore it down. Another fond memory was just a couple of years ago when I took my dad to a card show for his birthday, where he met his childhood hero.

Now on to today. Game 1 between the White Sox & the Tampa Rays will start at 2:37 PM eastern time. Game will be televised on TBS. The Rays will be sending James Shields to the mound, while the White Sox will send out Javier Vazquez to start.

This series brings some discussion, where as the the Rays have the best home record this season in the major leagues at 57-24 (.704), and some down time to rest their team, and the White sox come into town riding on an emotional high with their wins over Detroit and Minnesota.
Also the Rays come in with a young team, as the White Sox come in with a veteran “Been there, done that” attitude.

Hopefully, this should make quite an exciting series.


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