Please Boston, don’t let me down.

I love my Redbirds. I have been a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals since I was a child growing up in Texas (back in the late 70’s and early 80’s, who wanted to cheer for the Astros or Texas, let alone look at those uniforms). I wear my Cardinals hat and jersey with pride. Not as much as a soldier wears their uniform, but close.

But inside that jersey and hat, is my heart, which first and foremost loves the game of baseball. As a child, I grew up wearing several team shirts. The Bugs Bunnys in T-ball. My Dad was a good sport as coach and even wore a shirt and cap. He made it cool to wear. (Thank you Dad for that memory!). Then it was some purple jersey after that. I can not even remember the name of the team, but I do remember that we got to start wearing baseball pants…TOO cool. Next came the Mets in little league division (given that I am a Cardinals guy now, I find it traumatic that I wore the “Pond Scum” jersey). Even though my Dad knows how to properly wear a baseball cap and looks good in it, I specifically remember that he never donned a Mets cap. He has his standards, which is thankfully has passed down to me. Next was senior league, where we were the Astros…not the cool looking Astros of today…the Astros of the 1980’s, where you felt sorry for Nolan Ryan, Mike Scott, and Jose Cruz for having to wear such atrocious attire.

So even though thoughout my wonderful childhood baseball career I never got to wear a cool uniform such as the Yankees, White Sox, Dodgers, Cubs, Tigers, or Cardinals…I was still playing baseball. The uniforms were hidious, but it was still the game of baseball. True to the code, to play the game. Back then, there was no ESPN, no MLB games on everyday. There was NBC Game of the Week on Saturday afternoon. I know ABC tried Monday night baseball for awhile, but it never took off.

Sure, we had (affordable) baseball cards and the Sunday morning sports page with every player’s stats taking up a whole page, but that was it. And it was wonderful. Baseball was not the be all end all of a kids life, but a perfect compliment to a kid’s summer.

Guess what. I grew up…somewhat.

I LOVE the advancement of technology. To be able to watch any game on TV. To listen to every radio broadcast on the computer or XM radio. To get updates on scores or statistics at anytime, from anywhere. no more carrying the sports page to work for “library reading”. forget that! Print it off the computer and grab it off the printer on the way to the library now baby!

That’s where it stops and my childhood heart for the game takes over. My old school way of thinking is there should not be any team in the World Series other than the original 16 teams.

Since 1984, the following teams have made it to the Series…

San Diego Padres (twice)
Kansas City Royals
Toronto Blue Jays (Twice)
Florida Marlins
New York Mets (Twice)
Arizona Diamonbacks
The Los Angeles California Angels of Anahiem
Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies
This year, the Tampa Rays are playing for the American League pennant If you are not familiar with the term “pennant”, you should be ashamed of yourself. Go slink away and stick to what you know best…reality shows and pro wrestling.

The Rays. A team (along with the Florida Marlins)named after a fish that nobody outside a southern state that borders an ocean knows what that is, or cares.

Now lets forget for a moment that baseball is watered down 100% of talent with double the amount of teams playing. My issue at playoff time is that there is a national fascade of love and knowledge for the game. Most people that tune have know idea who the players are for each team. When I was a kid, I knew most of them. When my dad was kid, he knew all of them (Keep in mind they didn’t have money-laden playoffs back then. the winner of the AL and the NL met for the World Series).

Think I am full of it? Name the starting rotation of the Rays pitching staff. Name the other two outfielders for the Dodgers other than Manny Ramirez. Can’t do it without thinking about it and finally looking it up, eh?

As of 10/7/2008, we have the Dodgers vs. Phillies in the NL and the Red Sox vs. the Rays (aka the “effin” fish of Florida) in the AL. I do not care who wins the NL pennant (you better have looked it up from before if you didn’t know) as long as it is a good series.
But I am pulling for the Red Sox in the AL. I want them to sweep and get it over with. PLEASE RED SOX, win it for the non-boston-Fan-but-fan-of-real-baseball-teams fan.



5 thoughts on “Please Boston, don’t let me down.

  1. I loved this post, Tommy! Of course, as a Sox fan, I am most definitely biased. They have really shown in this series (as well as all season long) what a championship team does when it is up against huge odds. This year, we lost Manny Ramirez (completely) and for long stints on the DL, Josh Beckett, Mike Lowell, JD Drew, and David Ortiz–yet STILL the team found a way to win. I am so hoping for a repeat. So, let’s go SOX!


  2. Great post.

    The Marlins have actually made it twice (97,03), and as a wild card to boot. They have 2 WS titles, but no division titles…

    Speaking about the Marlins, their “fans” are pathetic. They never bother to show up at games (granted, some of this is due to previous ownership who broke up the team after their WS title). They can’t even be called fair weather fans because they don’t even show up when the team is winning!

    I have to disagree with you about the dilution of talent since the days of 16 teams. The population of the US has more than doubled than then, and also there are other countries producing baseball players. On the other hands, many kids are playing other sports now, so it probably evens out.

    Why do you favor Boston over the Phillies or the Dodgers, who were both in the NL in 1903? (The Dodgers were the Superbas then.) If you’re in favor of real baseball, you should be rooting for the NL pennant winner, as the NL does not use the DH…

    I want to see the Dodgers against the Red Sox, just to see Manny and Joe Torre get booed like heck at Fenway (a true American icon.)

  3. Albert, first off, thank you for commenting.

    Second, I guess I was not clear about who I was pulling for.
    Let me clarify. When I said I did not care between Phily and LA, it was that both are traditional teams, and either one would suffice to my standards. Pulling for the Red Sox is for a want original teams in the WS.

    And my God, you are completely correct about the DH.

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