Baseball Drill For Little League – Star With Two

Running the bases properly to help increase the speed and decrease the amount of area covered is important to successful baserunning.

What you need (set up):  You will divide your baseball team into two groups and they will be on opposite sides of the first base bag.  They should be about 40 feet from the bag.  The base should be secured.

How this drill works:  From both sides of the base, the runners run toward the base and then turn as though they were going to second base.  The key to this baseball drill for young players is for the players to take the best path to second base, and hit the bag with the proper foot.

If the players don’t take the right direction on their run, they will likely end up going too wide and they will run into each other.  The first couple of times you do this drill, it should be at a jog, so there are no injuries if players collide.  As the players get more accustomed to the drill, they can increase the speed in which they round the bases.

Note: If you want to get a little more daring, then you can have four lines going to each of the inside corners.  Make sure you start at a jog to begin, otherwise you will most certainly have collisions.

Results:  After this drill, your players should be taking a better angle to the next base, and they should have the proper technique for running the bases quicker and more effective.


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