Larry Johnson? Apologize?

Dude, sounds like you back is against the wall. Four accused assualts in five years against women? Wow!  Yeah, you got issues. And you have a long tough road to clean up, especially after that typical “I am sorry to everyone but the people I assualted” crap apology.

I am going to compare you to Delonte West, guard for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers.
Yeah, I don’t know you, and I don’t know Delonte, so that evens it up. shut up and listen already.

On October 17, 2008 Delonte West told reporters that he is getting treatment for depression and a “mood disorder,” and he thought about quitting the team recently. West said he is taking medication and taking part in therapy sessions. West said Friday that he removed himself from the team to “get my thoughts back together.” He is taking medication for his illness and has been attending therapy sessions. West said he was troubled by his behavior during a scrimmage earlier this month. He took out his frustrations on a high school referee at the Cavs’ training complex.
What have you done Larry? You came out with some bullshit “kind of disgusted with myself” apology.

You both have issues that need to be dealt with. so far, only one of you two are manning up.

Good luck to you, Larry…but I ain’t holding my breath.


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