World Series, Game 1, Phillies 3-2

Well, the World Series has started. Yeah, you know how I felt about a team named after a fish from Florida made to the show, but hey.  They earned it. They won 97 games coming out of the AL East this year, they beat the Chisox in the first round, then the Bosox for the pennant…yeah, they belong.  So now it’s time for me to put all of this behind and concentrate on enjoying the World Series. Phillies vs. Rays. (Not too hard for me to do, really).

Last night was a great game, filled with good pitching, a Chase Utley homerun, an error, a pick off, and a close score at the end. since I am not a fan of either team (although I am pulling for the Phillies because they ARE an original team…and better uniforms), I am a fan of baseball, which leads me to wanting a full seven game series.  I know that has not happened recently (5 years and counting?)…but I can hope.



One thought on “World Series, Game 1, Phillies 3-2

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