Shut Up and Play!!!

I read an article over at ESPN this morning, titled “‘Freedom of speech’ not guaranteed in NFL”. Where Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen stated the following…

“There comes a point where we have to be able to play this game. I know it’s for our safety and that’s [commissioner Roger Goodell’s] job. I don’t want to be in that position to make those calls either. But football is a violent game. Things are going to happen. Tempers are going to flare. People are going to disagree with the ref’s call. They’re going to say something. At some point where do you cross the line in taking away our God-given right to express our feelings and our emotions? The last time I checked we live in America and have freedom of speech. But not in the NFL.”

I have this to say in response. Trade jobs with me, along with the paycheck, you whiny smartassed brat. Cry me a freaking river over your “cruel and unusual punishment.” Yes, I live in America. Yes, I agree with my superiors at one point or another. Yes, I have the “God-given right” to express my feelings and my emotions.

But I keep my louth shut, or I use the proper channels to voice my concerns, not out on the work floor. You know why? Because my emploter has the “God-given” right to fire my ass, that’s why. I make decent money for an American, and I can not afford to lose it because of a big mouth.

You, Jared Allen, do not have a case of “cruel and unusual punishment” being thown down on you. you have a case of not being able to keep your mouth shut.

You make sick money, man. Play and enjoy your game, take your check to the bank, and shut the hell up!!!


One thought on “Shut Up and Play!!!

  1. Yeah, millions of people need to go back to school and read the Constitution. I don’t know why they don’t understand that there is no “freedom of speech” if you are working for a private company.

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