Baseball Drill – Batter Stance

Although this baseball drill indoors can be used in different ways at different levels, it still underlines the fundamental need to make sure that a player’s stance is adequate.  This drill is intended for the younger players;  players at all levels can use proper stance training.  

What you need (set up): A group of 6 batters (with helmets and bats).  Line the players up evenly spaced along the 3rd base line.

How this drill works:  Not as much a drill as it is a baseball skill clinic, the coach will call out ‘stance!’ and all of the players will get into their batting stance.  The coach(es) will then go through the line of players and make any adjustments the first few times.  After doing it three or so times, the coach can then call ‘stance!’ and if any of the players still need the same stance corrections, they are eliminated from the game.

Results:  The repetition alone will be good for the younger players.  The stance is one of the most important elements of setting up a good swing.  By learning the right stance, it sets up a great foundation for solid batting in the future.  And it is always good to have some indoor baseball drills in your back pocket during the Spring rains.


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