Stephon Marbury…WTF?

Last night, Stephon Marbury paid and attended a Knicks/Lakers game in LA. Had a courtside seat.

Why? What is your agenda? What are you trying to accomplish?

Word was that he was in towm to take care of his home that he has in LA. Ok. I can understand that.  But why would you put yourself in the limelight of more spectacle heresay?

We all know your circumstance, and we all heard that you want to play again, but you are not going to take less than what your contract calls for (21 million, right?). I can accept that. A contract is a comtract.  Some dumbass decided to pay you that much. NOT YOUR FAULT! I can buy that.

But  if you want to play again in the NBA (I can sleep weel at night knowing my team wouldn’t even give you the time of day, much less a contract and a uniform) why wouldn’y you make a “take the high road” approach and lay low, instead of showing up for a road game and perceive the notion that you are rubbing it in the face of your emploter that is paying you 21 miilion dollars??!!

You, Stephon, are an idiot.


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