Baseball Drill for Little League – Opposite Field

Teaching kids how body position and timing can affect the direction their ball will travel, will help them become better all-around hitters in the future. One of the baseball drills for youth called Opposite Field works on this skill.

What you need (set up):  This baseball drill can be done with a tee, or with the coach pitching.  The tee will help players with their positioning, and the coach pitch will assist with timing.

How this drill works:  By showing players how their body position and timing can affect the direction the ball will travel, players can develop the skill of hitting the ball to different places on the field.

Have each batter, open their shoulders and stance (while staying in the batter’s box), and point it toward the third base side of the field (pull for RH batters; opposite field for LH batters).  Then have them swing and watch the ball head to left field.

Then have the player close his or her stance and aim towards right field.  They should practice hitting the ball to this field as well.
If you use a coach to pitch the ball to the players, have them swing slightly ahead of time to get ahead of the ball and pull it into left field (right field for LH hitters).  Conversely, you show them to wait for the ball to hit it later, and it will go to the opposite field.
Results:  Once a player realizes their body position and the timing of their swing has a dramatic impact on the direction of their ball.  It can help their hitting once it develops further, as they will have greater control over where they want to hit the ball.


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