My thoughts on Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice

I know, I am a little behind on writing about Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice, so here it goes.

First…it is about time Jim Rice got voted in. Talk about a stud back in the 70’s and 80’s when this man was patrolling left field in Fenway. The guy was the best at what he did. Wasn’t the flashiest, and did have a big mouth, but he was the best of his era. Now all we need to see is the Hawk get voted in next year to help justify the best of baseball from the 1980’s.

I can not remember who said it, but the following quote fits Rickey Henderson. “Before Manny was being Manny, there was Rickey being Rickey.” Rickey was properly voted to Cooperstown in his first year of eligibility. The guy was a five tool player. Not known for his defensive play, the man was known most for what he did on the base paths. Most runs all time. Most stolen bases of all time. 81 leadoff homeruns in his career. Hell, he stole third base over three hundred times. That over 99% of all players ever to play that stole ANY base!!!!

Congrats to both!


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