One more Thing About Jeff Kent…

So the word going around the internet is that Jeff Kent is an  “accidental Hall of Famer”. Here we go again with useless terminology to squeeze out another “filler article” on a sports page.

Look, so the guy wasn’t flashy, or that he took a few years to develope into on of the best all round 2nd basemen ever. Yes, one of the best! Check out his numbers…they beat out Ryne Sandberg’s numbers…BIG TIME. 351 homeruns as a second baseman, first place in that category. 100 RBI’s for six consecutive seasons and eight times in all. Not too shabby.

He played the game the way I like. With day-in-day-out determination and grit that the game should be played with of an infielder. He carried himself on and off the field with integrity and honor. Too bad he his more thought of getting into arguments with Milton Bradley and Barry Bonds. But that’s “shock value TV ratings” for ya.

Oh well. What can you do. For those who remember the Jeff Kent, you will be able to remember that you could always count on him to give his best, day after day, game after day. For that, along with his numbers, he SHOULD be a shoe-in for the HOF.         


2 thoughts on “One more Thing About Jeff Kent…

  1. He may have beat Ryne Sandberg’s offensive numbers, but 2nd base is a fairly important defensive position and Kent can’t touch Sandberg there. Also, was Kent ever really the best player on his team? In my opinion, he was not. If I had a vote, he wouldn’t get a HOF vote from me.

  2. I agree with the defense angle of Sandbergh, but Kent helped change the view of what a second baseman can do to a lesser extent of how Cal Ripken, Jr. changed the view of the shortstop position.

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