Manny Being A Meathead

So Manny being Manny means leaving 25 million dollars on the table for one year. Yahoo! Sports said yesterday that LA offered Manny a one-year, $25 million dollar deal. And who can blame him? Such an offer HAS to be a slap in the face…Whatever.

It has been reported that Manny, who is being represented by Scott Boras, wants a four year, $100 million dollar deal…Whatever.

Ok, let me step back for a second and think this over. Manny wants A-Rod money. Ok. Let’s look at this.

The Yankees made a very calculated move in the A-Rod contract. They are opening up a new stadium, have a very lucrative cable plan that televises the games, and chances are that A-Rod will break the home run record. Sales on A-Rod clothing and other merchandise will go up as time gets closer to that. Plus can can do this little thing of being a COMPLETE ballplayer. From a business standpoint, the Yankees will not lose on this deal.

Now what can Manny offer to the Dodgers? Manny batted .396 with 17 home runs and 53 RBI in 53 games for Los Angeles and hit .520 and hit four more home runs in the playoffs after his trade from Boston. However, he has been known to forget which leg to limp on, complain about not being respected (as if the $180 million dollar contract the Red Sox gave him wasn’t enough respect), and a subpar left fielder. And I do not see “Manny being Manny” jerseys flying off the sales rack. Don’t forget that he will be turning 37 early in the season.

If ANYONE deserves A-Rod money, I think it is Albert Pujols. I said it before, and I will say it again. Cardinals fans better enjoy the last two years of Albert, because they ain’t getting no hometown discount when his contract ends after the next two years. Albert is off to the best start in MLB history. If you don’t believe me, just check his stats against ANY player that ever played. Plus, he just turned 29 last month.


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