Ok, I Just Do Not Get It.

Jon Garland goes 14-8 and 196 innings last year. He has a track record of eating up innings year in and year out. Durable (has started at least 32 games each of the last seven seasons) and reliable (At least 190 innings and only one losing record in same time span).

Garland will earn $6.25 million in 2009. Ok, I think this is fair. A fair contract for a pitcher that will be probably a number four pitcher.

Here is where I do not get it…Oliver Perez gets three years and $36 million!!!

The Mets sign a guy that last year had 17 no decisions and 105 walks. He should have his picture in the Webster’s Dictionary by the word “inconsistent.” A scout familiar with the value of the contract and Perez’s performance assessed the contract in these terms — “That’s No. 2 starter money, and he’s not a No. 2.”

Oliver Perez is probably a shoe-in at the number four slot in the Mets pitching rotation. He is NOT better than Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, or John Maine.

Perez has had what I would consider one great year (Too bad it was on a Pirates team in 2004). Other than that, he hasn’t done what Garland has.

So my question of the day is this.

Did the D-Backs get a steal, or are the Mets that stupid?


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