My Take on the Alex Rodriguez Steriod Issue.

So Alex Rodriguez tested positive for steriods in 2003. Wonderful…just freakin’ wonderful. Just what the fans need to hear.

Look, I am completely in agreement with Curt Schilling on his take of the situation. “I’d be all for the 104 positives being named, and the game moving on if that is at all possible,” former Boston ace Curt Schilling wrote on his blog Sunday.

“In my opinion, if you don’t do that, then the other 600-700 players are going to be guilty by association, forever,” he wrote. “It appears that not only was it 104, but three of the greatest of our, or any, generation appear to be on top of this list.”
I think he could not be more correct. As a fan, I deserve it. I am owed that. I don’t want to hear any nonsense about “Well, those samples were supposed to be destroyed.”

Sean Casey was quoted on the following statement…”A little bit, because it was supposed to be a survey test and those results were supposed to be confidential,” he said. “The only reason we opened up the collective bargaining agreement was on those terms.”

You know what, screw that. Maybe your fellow union members should not have been as arrogant to think that they could keep using steriods.

And don’t tell me “well, this problem has been going on for longer than you will ever know.”

Tough!!!  You, as a generation in baseball, got caught, and many, many, many other players that do not use steriods are getting thrown into the mix. You steriod players messed up.

And don’t tell me, “Well, you as a fan, don’t understand the pressures that players go through to be the best.” If the pressure is that great, trade jobs (and paychecks) with me and almost every other baseball fan, and deal with our pressure.

Look, I’ll be the first to say that it does not bother me that ballplayers make a lot of money. In this country, you have a chance to make as much as you can, and that includes athletes. All I ask is that the game of baseball stays as clean as possible. And if that means a few bad apples get cleared away from the tree, no matter how sweet that apple is, then do it. Do it now!


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