Baseball Drills for Kids – Eye on the Spot

Teaching young players the need to keep their eye on the ball might not always be as effective as we as coaches would like.  This baseball drill for kids focuses things on a much smaller area of the ball.

What you need (set up):  Set up a tee that is about waist height for the player.  Put a dime size dot on the backside of the ball, just above the halfway circumference of the ball.  Always place the ball with the spot facing toward the backstop.

How this drill works:  Often times younger players don’t grasp the entire concept of keeping their ‘eye on the ball.’  Therefore, this drill has been designed to get them to keep their eye on a certain spot on the ball.  Once they focus on a target smaller than the ball itself, they can swing at the spot using the fundamentals they have been taught to this point.

Results:  Children see the ball as a target that needs to be hit.  When they aim for a bigger target, they have a larger room for error.  When they focus on a smaller target, they naturally assume a smaller margin for error.  This helps them build confidence in hitting the ball, and also develops muscle memory when they are swinging.


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