Perfect Example of Baserunning For Kids

Last night’s St. Louis Cardinals game against the Pittsburgh Pirates was highlighted by monster offense and great starting pitching. Homeruns by Pujols, Chris Duncan, and Yadier Molina. Colby Rasmus making his debut and getting his first MLB hit, and the Cardinals winning 9-3.

But but I like to point out happened in the fourth inning. Kids to pay attention to this. It has to do with , but not what you will see on any highlight clip. pujolsapril82009

Colby Rasmus was on first base with two out, with Pujols up to bat. Pujols hit a infield pop up that almost reached the stars before it started coming down to 3rd basemen Andy La Roche. As soon as Pujols hit it and saw how high it went, he took off to first like it was an infield grounder. rasmus also took off, rounding 2nd base and headed for third. La Roche had problems with the pop up, and ended up having the ball hit his glove hand, and dropping it. Rasmus was safe at 3rd, and Pujols was able to almost walk the rest of the way to second. Because of hustle on the basepaths…and not taking anything for granted…there still two outs, but with two runners in scoring position.

As they say, you give up an out, more times than not, you will pay for it…and that it what happened. Pirates intentionally walked Chris Duncan to load the bases. Shortstop Khalil Greene seized on the extra out with a two-run double to left field right after.

So in essence, the Cardinals got 2 runs on 4 outs, all because Rasmus and Pujols hustled on the bases.


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