Little League Baseball Teams – Lunges

Coaches for little league baseball teams need to work on strength

and conditioning in addition to coaching the skills for playing

baseball. Helping your baseball players develop strong

quadriceps is essential. Add the following exercise to your

conditioning routine.

A variation on the Leaping Lunges is when the athletes bring

their legs together in the air. During the jump up, athletes can

touch their legs together for an added little work-out, before

opening them back up for the landing. If this is not enough of

an exercise, athletes can bring the legs together, cross them,

and open them back up. All of these moves add extra elements

that push the legs to work harder. When athletes bring their

legs together, it uses the muscles in the inner thighs, helping

stabilize the athlete in other aspects of the sport, especially


As a coach, you need to remind your players to always keep their

backs straight and upright. They are two different things, both

of which negate the benefits of the exercise. Athletes must not

collapse when they land, because much of the benefit of the

exercise comes in stabilizing the body during the landing. As

for repetitions, athletes can be expected to do 3 sets of 10

lunges. To increase the resistance of the Leaping Lunges,

athletes can hold aluminum cans of food in their hands or

dumbbells. They can also put on ankle weights if they have them

instead of putting weights on the hands.

To stretch the muscles used in Leaping Lunges, athletes should do

the same stretches as they do for running drills, including the

hanging stretch and the quadriceps stretch.


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