Baseball Drills For Little League – Ball to First

It is important for little league players to understand what happens when the ball is hit and it comes to them.  Most will be focused on actually stopping the ball, but when they do secure it in their gloves, they need to know where to throw it.  Ball to first is a great addition to your other little league drills.

What you need (set up) The kids should have their gloves on and you can send them out to second base.  Have one player play first base to field the throws.  You can also have one near you (home plate) to field balls from first base to home.

How this drill works:  You can either toss or lightly hit the ball to the players in line at second base.  Explain to them that when they get the ball, one of the first places they are going to throw is first base.  So, they practice their fielding skills, and then add one more step to it by throwing it to first base.  Then the first baseman can throw it home.

Players can then rotate:  the fielder goes to first, the first baseman goes to home plate, and then the ‘catcher’ will go to the back of the fielding line.  Once the players get the hang of it, you might be able to just keep hitting in succession as all the players go through the drill.

Note:  So players understand where all of the bases are, you can run this drill from any position on the infield, and throw to any base.  Keep the throw length reasonably short (shortstop to 2nd or 3rd, 1st to 2nd etc.) for the younger players.

Results:  One of the toughest things to teach young baseball players is to field the ball, and then throw it to the appropriate base.  Repetition is extremely important in this drill for them to associate fielding the ball with throwing it to first base (or other bases).  This drill also helps them learn the bases and positions in the infield.


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