Little League Baseball Tips – Core Strengthening

Today’s focus for little league baseball tips is the lower abdominals.
The previous posting we worked on the upper abdominals. We round it out
by combining the two and getting good overall workout for upper and lower
abs. This will help every player to get into better shape and provide
better strength for any position they play.

To work the lower abdominal muscles, teach your baseball players to do
reverse crunches. This is where your athletes lie on their backs with
their hands behind their heads. They lift their legs in the air, bent at
a 90 degree angle. The ankles can be crossed or uncrossed. Instead of
lifting the shoulders off the ground, athletes lift their hips off the
floor. As a coach, you need to watch that athletes’ shoulders stay on
the ground. Tell them that they need to use only their abdominal muscles
instead of helping with their leg muscles. This move should be slow and
controlled. It is easy to let it get out of control and turn the move
into a swinging motion. This reduces the work put on the muscles and
makes it more a movement of momentum instead of strength. Athletes
should do 3 sets of 15 of these moves.

To get a true work-out of both the upper and lower abdominals, athletes
should do a double crunch. This is done when athletes curl both their
shoulders and their hips off the floor at the same time. Coaches should
watch that athletes do not curl their backs in an effort to touch their
elbows to their knees. The movement should be controlled, stopping at
the top to hold the muscles contracted for an extra moment. Again,
athletes should do 3 sets of 15 of this move.


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