Mets Will Erase Doc Gooden’s Autograph on Citi Field Wall

Living in St. Louis for a few decades, I grew hearing the Mets called the “Pond Scum”. It was a reference to the players on the field back in their 1980’s heyday. It was not malicious, but something to shout out to Mets fans and players. It was good banter for Cardinals fans.

But know I would like to extend this term to the ownership of the New York Mets. The story goes that Doc Gooden was at opening Day last week and appeared in one of the overpriced bars called “Ebbets Club”. Now I have seen pictures of this club. Other than latscreens all over , there is nothing, and I mean NOTHING on the walls. No pictures of the past, or present. To me it looks like an airport terminal out of Norfolk, Virginia. Pathetic.

Well, hile Doc Gooden was attending the Mets’ Citi Field opener last week, he visited this Ebbets Club inside the stadium and signed a blank gray wall with a Sharpie, after someone suggested it.



Now to me, that is a cool thing to do.  In fact, so did a lot of other people, for many pictures were taken of fans standing next to it.  But Mets’ VP of media relations Jay Horwitz, says that it will be erased.  They need to change his title to “Mets’ VP of Pondscum relations Jay Horwitz”.


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