For New Coaches…

If you want to have the happiest team in the league, you need to realize right off the bat that it’s not always about winning. Ask almost any child, and they will tell you that what they want in a coach is someone who boosts the morale of the team and keeps everyone excited about the game.

You need to find out what makes each player on the team tick. For example, some of the kids that you will encounter truly want to become the best possible baseball players – while others are playing because it is important to their parents. It is important to try to help the kids who are there for their parents get better and to teach them to appreciate the game. And it is also important to make sure that those kids do not end up sitting on the bench for the season and being ignored.

Following this, you should make sure that every player is on the field as much as possible. There is nothing more disheartening for a young player than being left out of the game in favor of better players because the coach is not willing to risk a win. Sure, sometimes it is not possible to play everyone for the entire game – but make every attempt to let everyone play.

And, since you are going to let everyone have a chance at playing you might as well work on interesting ways to help your young players develop their skills! Baseball players love to learn new tricks and tips that will help them to become better players!

Always try to be honest with your players. Be kind when telling them what they can do to improve their skills and be enthusiastic and excited when congratulating them on a good play. If you are honest with your players, they will definitely gain more respect for you than they would if there thought you were just telling them what they want to hear.

Whenever possible, try to incorporate some sort of life skills lesson into every practice. Take the time to talk to your team about perseverance, acceptance and the value of learning from your mistakes. You can find interesting ways to tell your team about how the skills learning in baseball and the values associated with the game can help to make a difference in their adult lives.

Your job as coach is to lead a team of youngsters through the journey of a baseball season. This is a very rewarding opportunity, and you should always be cautious not to take your position for granted. You have the power to be a great guiding force and to make a difference in the life of every child with whom you come in contact.


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